Young mother kills own baby out of rage

A young mother was arrested by police in Kabin Buri district of Prachuab Khiri Khan on charges of assault causing death to her baby boy, domestic violence and drug abuse after she beat her own child to death.

The 19-year old accused admitted to the Kabin Buri district police that she hit the head of her two-year old boy with her bare hand after he cried endlessly. However, the baby grabbed her hair, driving her into rage and she hit her twice on the head until he stopped crying.

She then went out to work and left the baby with her boyfriend. Hours afterward, she received a call from her boyfriend who said the baby was dead of suffocation because something get stuck in his throat.

But an autopsy report from the hospital showed that the baby died of blood clot in the brain, apparently, resulting from his head being strongly struck.

Police detained the young mother as well as her boyfriend who was also charged with drug abuse after urine test showed positive result of drug use.