Yingluck to stand first trial on May 19

Former premier Yingluck Shinawatra was ordered to stand trial before the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Holders of Political Position, same as her brother Thaksin Shinawatra faced and sentenced in 2008.

The first hearing for her was set on May 19.

In today’s hearing of the decision of the Supreme Court whether to accept the case filed against her by the Office of the Attorney-General, the court judge Virapol Tangsuwan announced “the panel has reached a decision that this case falls within our authority. We accept this case for trial.”

He stated further that the first hearing of the case will be on May 19.

Ms Yingluck faces charges of negligence over a bungled rice subsidy scheme.

If found guilty, she could face jail term of up to over 10 years.

However on the first hearing she must appear in court. On this day, the court will announce whether she will be granted bail or not.

Failure to appear or in case of fleeing the country, the court will issue her arrest warrant.

In case she does not show up, the court could suspend the trial temporarily but the statute of limitation will not expire until she is brought back to stand trial.

Besides the court can conduct trial in her absentia.

Ms Yingluck is charged with dereliction of duty, as well as abuse of authority, in accordance with Section 157 of the Criminal Code and Section 123/1 of the 1999 Organic Law on Counter-Corruption.

She is accused of failing to oversee the rice-pledging scheme, which incurred losses of more than 500 billion baht to the state.

Former prime minister Thaksin was sentenced two years in prison over the controversial land sale on Ratchadapisek in September 2008.

However Thaksin fled the country before the court’s ruling.