Yingluck to open Miracle Eye Project in Bangkok today

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra will open the “Miracle Eye” project in Bangkok today.

She will be accompanied by the minister of Information and Communications Technology, the National Police Office commissioner, and the Metropolitan Police Bureau commissioner.

Metropolitan police deputy commissioner Pol Maj-Gen Adul  Narongsak, initiator of the project, said the Miracle Eye project was aimed to reduce theft, crimes and to improve the safety of the public as up to one million surveillance cameras or CCTV would be installed in the capital.

He said that this new innovation and technology would help the police to investigate crimes, support traffic work, and ensure public safety.

In case of any emergency, crime or traffic incident, the police could reach the scene immediately within 5-10 minutes to help, stop and prevent crimes.

The project has earlier been proposed to the government for a 35 million baht  financial support but was rejected. The metropolitan police commissioner then turned to private companies to launch the project and received support and interest from the state-owned TOT Plc.

The project will comprise a miracle eyes monitoring system and CCTV deployment at various places in the capital. The monitoring center will be at TOT  and linked up to monitoring center at the metropolitan police bureau and all police stations in the capital through CCTVs system.

He said that businesses and individual interested in the project could register for service of each of three packages of CCTV cameras deployment system at initial cost of  6,000 baht  and a monthly fee of 300 baht with TOT.

The police targets residence, gold shops, banks, universities, government agencies, state enterprises, housing estates, hospitals, condominiums to  join the project to make the capital as the safety area to live.