The world’s ugliest pig spotted on camera in Indonesia

A rare pig species, thought to be the world’s ugliest, has recently been captured in camera traps in Java of Indonesia, according to The Jakarta Post Online on Sunday (Jan 7).

British and Indonesian researchers laid camera traps in the forest of Java island in the hopes of capturing images of endangered Javan warty pig, the elusive animal which is believed to be on the brink of extinction.

Their objective was to get a clearer sense of population levels of the rare pig and find ways to boost conservation.

The pigs which are found only in Java are similar in size to European wild boars but are more slender and have longer heads, according to UK-based Chester Zoo which released the pig’s images on Jan 5. But the males are distinguished by three pairs of large warts on their faces.

“It is these characteristics that have led to them being affectionately labelled as the world’s ugliest pig but, certainly to us and our researchers, they are rather beautiful and impressive,” said Johanna Rode-Margono, the zoo’s Southeast Asia field programme coordinator.

This handout from the Chester Zoo taken with a trap-camera on Jan 24, 2017 and released on Jan 5, 2018 shows an endangered Javan warty pig on Indonesia’s Java island. Rare images of the “world’s ugliest pig” have been captured in Indonesia, researchers said on January 5, 2018, offering a window into a little-known species believed to be on the brink of extinction. AFP PHOTO / CHESTER ZOO