Work in morgues for drink-driving convicts under parole

The Probation Department will send people who are found by the court of drink-driving and released under parole to perform penance in morgues with hospital staff to let them see for themselves people who were killed as a result of road accidents which are partly caused by drink-driving, said department director-general Prasarn Manaleetrakul on Dec 26.

Mr Prasarn said this is parts of the measures to be taken in a campaign to reduce road accidents during the New Year festival.

Apart from sending drink-driving convicts under parole to work in morgues, the department will also send volunteers under parole to perform social work such as cleaning and levelling roads and removing objects which may cause accidents from traffic surfaces.

Some convicts released under parole will also volunteer to work with the Por Teck Tung Foundation to perform rescue work and work with hospital staff in taking care of people who were wounded or disabled in road accidents.

During this year’s Songkran Festival, there were 5,173 cases of drink-driving and about 2,000 of those found guilty and put under parole were sent to work in hospital morgues.

In 2018, the Probation Department will push for the use of electronic-monitoring (EM) bracelets with convicts released under parole. The department is in the process of drafting the terms of reference (TORs) for the procurement of 4,000 EM bracelets with 100 million baht.

Mr Prasarn said he expected this to be put in practice by May 2018, adding that more budgets may be sought for this purpose for three consecutive years.