Wildlife sanctuary chief gets moral support from Princess Ubolratana

Chief of the Thung Yai Narasuan world wildlife sanctuary Wichien Chinnawong is overwhelmed with joy after he received moral support from Princess Ubolratana.

The princess, using an instagram account @nichax, posted a comment on Thairat news’s instagram, saying “Fight on Khun Wichien Chinnawong” on Wednesday (Feb 7).

After learning about the message from the princess, Mr Wichien told reporters today (Feb 8) that the princess’s moral support amounted to Namtip (sacred water) falling on grass to enliven it.

He said he felt very grateful, noting the moral support would inspire him to work harder, Thairath reports.

Mr Wichien was today summoned to a meeting with Gen Surasak Kanchanarat, minister of natural resources and environment to give a briefing about the Feb 3-5 hunting scandal.

The minister said he ordered authorities concerned to fine more evidence to substantiate legal action against the hunting party after the emerging of fresh report suggesting that it was not the first time that the party had gone into the game reserve to hunt.

Mr Wichien told the media after the meeting that Mr Premchai and his group tried to talk him from into letting them go, but he categorically rejected them.

“No one wants his money – not even one baht,” said the wildlife sanctuary chief.

Meanwhile, a netizen named Sumpunta Nadee posted in the social media on Wednesday, commenting on what he described as a hunting jacket or shooting jacket worn by Italian-Thai Development Plc boss Premchai Karnasuta on the night he was arrested.

He pointed out that the shoulder pads were to prevent slippery of the buttstock of a rifle and to protect the shoulder of the shooter when shooting.

The jacket was reported to be priced at about 103 pounds or 4,530 baht.