Widespread protest could hurt tourism

A southern tourism association today voiced concern that the widespread protests against the amnesty bill could certainly hurt tourism industry as now the country is at its peak tourism season.

Somchai Chiaranaisilpa, deputy chairman of Trang Chamber of Commerce and president of Trang Tourism Association, said business operators now were worried about the intensification of the protests when a large number of people coming out to the streets of many provinces  to oppose the bill, including Trang province.

He said that if the protest was prolonged over a week from now with no conclusion in sight, then tourism industry would be affected immediately not only in Trang but provinces in other parts of the country.

He said if the protest was dragged on until December, the peak of the tourism season, particularly during the last week of December and the first week of January next year, then tourism industry would be affected severely and damages could be enormous and beyond estimates.

For Trang province, he said that now it has felt the first impact from the protest with booking to tour Koh Muk island has been put off since November 3.

He said foreign tourists were not confident of their safety while making travels to tourist spots and also inconveniency .

He said now operators of hotels, resorts, bungalows, home-stay have complained of poor business since early this month and thus wanting to see all protest ending with peace as soon as possible.


Source :  Nation Multimedia

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