Weatherman rules out heat wave during March 20-22

The Meteorological Department has dismissed as untrue a report that Thailand will be hit by heat wave during March 20-22.

The department’s announcement on Tuesday was in response to a report widely shared in the social media that heat wave would hit Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand during March 20-22 due to the Equinox phenomenon which will increase the temperature to surpass the 40 C mark.

The department, however, admitted that the Equinox phenomenon happens on March 20 or March21 every year and is not the cause of a heat wave.

It went on saying that, during March 14-19, upper Thailand is predicted to be affected by freak storms which will temporarily ease the hot weather. The hottest period for Thailand is around the end of April or early May, but the weather will not be hotter than the previous year’s.

Citing information from the World Meteorological Organisation, the Weatherman explained that heat wave would occur when the mercury rises an average of 5 degrees C than normal for five consecutive days.