Water runoffs broke floodwall in Sing Buri and flood riverside communities

Water runoffs broke floodwall in Sing Buri and flood riverside communities

Several communities in low-lying areas in Sing Buri municipality were flooded within a short period of time after a section of the sand-bagged floodwall which protects the communities from rising water in the Chao Phraya river collapsed late Thursday night.

The flood water in the riverside communities in Tambon Bang Mun and in the municipal area was reported to be about one-metre deep.

Many residents were caught off-guard as they were unable to move their valuables to higher ground.

Mr Preeda Pluemchit, a resident of Tambon Bang Mun, told Thai PBS that he was caught off-guard when water suddenly gushed into his house.  He admitted it was difficult to stay in the house, so he decided to bring all his clothes and planned to spend the night on the road tonight.

However, several residents of Tambon Bang Mun said that the flooding was not beyond expectation because they doubted the sand-bagged would be able to withstand the pressure of the rising Chaol Phraya river.

Irrigation officials have drained out 2,600 cubics metre/second of water downstream from the Chao Phraya dam to ease the water pressure behind the dam in anticipation of more than in the coming days.

Sing Buri is the first province downstream from the Chao Phraya dam.  In Buri, Prom Buri and Muang districts have so far been partly flooded by runoffs from the dam.

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