More water to be drained downstream from three major dams in central region

More water is to be released downstream from Chao Phraya, Pasak Cholasit and Ubonrat dams as the Irrigation Department is bracing for anticipated heavy rain during October 12-14 and for the arrival of a new storm.

Irrigation Department chief Somkiart Prachamwong said Monday that the Meteorological Department predicted heavy rain in the central plains during October 12-14 as a result of monsoon trough moving across the region.

Also, he said the Weatherman predicted a new storm during October 16-17 which is expected to bring more rain.

In anticipation of more rain from the monsoon trough and storm, Mr Somkiart said the Irrigation Department decided to adjust water management in the three dams in the central region by discharging more water downstream.

Water to be released from the Chao Phraya dam will be increased to 2,100-2,200 cubic metres/day from 2,000 cubic metres/day in order to save areas beside the Chao Phraya river from flash flood; from 25 million cubic metres/day to 30 million cubic metres/day at PasakCholasit dam; and 28 million cubic metre/day from Ubonrat dam.

Mr Somkiart said the department would consult with EGAT if more than 28 million cubic metres/day water were to be drained downstream from Ubonrat dam as additional discharge of water may cause flooding in KhonKaen and Yasothotn provinces.

He disclosed that most big and mid-sized dams such as Sirikit, Pasak Cholasit, Kwae Noi Bamrungdaen and Bhumibol as of October 9 are almost filled up to their full capacities – 74 percent of their capacities or 18,344 million cubic metres compared to last year’s 11,648 million cubic metres.