Warrant out for 20 Uighur fugitives

The Nathawi Provincial Court yesterday(Nov 21) issued warrants for the arrest of 20 illegal Uighur migrants who escaped from an Immigration Police holding facility on Monday as authorities believed they have all sneaked into Malaysia with the help of human trafficking gang.

Charges for the fleeing Uighur migrants filed by the police to the court for arrest warrants are escaping and evading police custody and destruction of property.

The escapees broke open the wall of their detention centre at the Sadao Immigration Police holding centre in Songkhla province with spoons and forks.

The police are seeking information from contractor building the detention wall of what construction materials were used in building the wall as it was easily drilled open with spoons and forks.

An investigative team from the 9th Region Provincial Police has been mobilized to track the men down and are being helped in their efforts by local security forces made up of police and Army personnel.

Local residents have also been asked to inform authorities of any information they may have on the missing migrants but so far no leads have surfaced.

But there are reports that the 20 Uighurs have been able to successfully cross over the border into Thailand’s neighboring country.

If this was true many officials suspect that they would have had help from a well organized group.

The speed with which they were able to make their escape strongly points to the fact that they were not working alone as they would have needed the support of a third party who organized to pick them up and transport them over the border.