“Wanna Cry” virus infects over 200 computers in the country now

More than 200 computers in the country now were attacked by the virus known as “Wanna Cry”, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) said Yesterday.

ETDA deputy director Chaichana Mitraphand said that checks by ETDA until late this morning showed that more than 200 computers were infected by the “Wanna Cry” virus, but still could not say how many of them belong to state agencies, businesses and individuals.

He said it would be known only after Internet users check their IP addresses if they are under attack and which Internet providers they are.

He said ETDA has already issued warning to Internet users to be aware of the potential security problem by this virus.

He said the outbreak of the virus could happen anytime from the behaviour of Internet users if they download inappropriate websites, or open unknown emails which run high risk of infection from attached files.

He said this Wanna Cry which demands corporations and individuals pay a ransom to regain files that have been encrypted by the attackers.

He recommended frequent system backup, downloading and installing software updates if they are available.

Microsoft was aware of the virus since March this year and has provided send out a patch to correct the problem.

For those whose computers have been infected, he said there are two choices – forget all the data or pay the ransom if their data are very important.

Many chose to ignore the ransom, but on the contrary some viewed just pay 300 dollars are worth for an exchange with their businesses which have higher values, he said.

He said computers which pose high risk of infection by this virus are those using Windows operation system, and advised users to check with Microsoft website or search “MS17-010” for updates to block attack from the virus.

He added for more information, users can call Hotline 1212 around the clock if they have problems.