Voice TV to lay off 127 employees

Voice TV Company, the operator of digital television station Voice TV, will lay of 127 employees as part of its structural change and adjustment of its programming.

Mekin Petchplai, chief executive officer of Voice TV, said in a statement released today (Dec 22) that from Jan 1 next year the company will undergo a structural change, adjust its television programmes and develop the presentation of programmes on all online platforms to suit with the current situation surrounding the digital TV industry and to be in line with the company’s business plan for the year 2018.

Operating under the political limitations for nearly four years, Voice TV has often been affected by the state control of information.  But, since the company has tried to balance between freedom of information and political limitations, it has managed to produce quality work and offer a choice for viewers who call for television programmes with constructive contents, all-round information and analyses aimed at creating progressive thinking in Thai society, he said.

The company will adjust the ratio of programmes.  There will be a quality news analysis on two prime time periods.  The number of programmes will be reduced but the air time for each programme will be longer.

The programmes will not be aired only on Voice TV Channel 21, but will also be broadcast on online with various forms of technology including the “progressive web applications” to enable people to view them at different times and on different platforms.

As a result of the adjustment of programmes, the company will have to reduce the manpower by laying off 127 employees.  The laid off employees will get compensation according to the labour law.  Some of them will still be hired to work for the company through outsourcing.