Vietnamese child molester sentenced to 18 years for abuse of a toddler

A Vietnamese was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment in absentia by the Mondulkiri provincial court after he was found guilty of torturing and raping a two-year old child, according to a report in The Phnom Penh Post Online on Thursday.

The convict, Nguyen Tangdung, was also ordered to pay 80 million riel (about $20,000) to the family of the victim.

Tangdung is in Vietnamese custody after his Dutch boyfriend, Stefan Struik, encouraged him to flee Cambodia after videos of the abuse went viral on Facebook in December.

Struik himself was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and fined four million riel (about $1,000) for his role in concealing evidence and failing to report the abuse against the toddler, according to the court’s spokesman Meas Bros.

The horrific videos capturing Tangdung’s abuse of the child made international headlines and shocked Cambodians when they surfaced online last year.

The Child Protection Unit’s James McCabe who assisted Cambodian and Vietnamese authorities in the investigation welcomed the sentences.

“The judge has reflected the community outrage at the crime and sentenced the perpetrator accordingly,” said McCabe.