Video clip at car crash tragedy in US shows a body inside submerged car in river

A Thai news website in Los Angeles, Siam Town US, yesterday released a video clip taken by its news team showing the smashed up rental car submerged in the river at the foot of the cliff.

In the red car, one body can barely be seen near the bottom left of the clip shot from the top of the 150-metre cliff from where it apparently plunged.

According to Siam Town US, body parts that could belong to one of the two Thais were spotted in the car.

The footage was recorded when its news team filmed a video clip at the scene last Friday (Aug 4).

“We believe that at least one of them is inside the car,” Siam Town US posted on its Facebook page.

The vehicle plunged off cliff at Kings Canyon National Park in California.

Students Ms Thiwadee Sangsuriyarit, 24, and Mr Bhakapon Chairatantongporn, 28, were attending the South Florida University and went missing last month on their way to the National Park.

The two students were reported missing after not returning to their hotel last month.

Their vehicle was found last Wednesday (Aug 2) submerged in the river at the foot of a 150-metre-high cliff by California State Route 180.

Thai consulate general Tanee Sangrat in Los Angeles along with relatives of the two students and representative of South Florida University were at the Reedley police station to hear briefing on how to retrieve the bodies and car.

The Thai Consul has also invited Buddhist monks to perform Buddhism rite at the scene for the two.

The salvage team was  expected to begin retrieving the bodies and car on Wednesday (Aug 9).