Vans cause of most accidents among public transport

Most of the road accidents involving public transport which occurred between Jan-Nov 2017 were caused by vans, said Kongsak Chuenkrailat, chairman of the project for safety passengers of the Foundation for Consumers.

Mr Kongsak said according to statistics on accidents involving public transport compiled by several work units, passenger vans had 236 accidents during Jan-Nov this year or 21.5 times per month, injuring 906 people or 82.4 per month, and causing 113 deaths or 10.3 per month.

During the same period, regular public buses had 102 accidents with 332 people injured and 26 killed while irregular passenger buses had 57 accidents with 353 people injured and 14 killed.

“After the passenger van fire in Chanthaburi province on Jan 2 that killed 25 people, the Land Transport Department has issued more safety measures for public transport.  Public passenger vehicles are required to be equipped with the GPS system to control the drivers’ behaviour.  Transport operators are held responsible for safety measures being overlooked.  These have helped reduced accidents and losses,” Mr Kongsak said.

Twenty-five people were killed in a passenger van accident in Chanthaburi on Jan 2.

Most of the accidents during the past year were caused by recklessness on the part of the drivers.  Improper conditions of buses and vans were also causes of the accidents.

“The Foundation for Consumers and its networks in six regions are of the opinion that the government should enforce the law more strictly regarding the conditions of passenger vehicles and services,” he said.