US-China trade to affect Thailand slightly

Thailand will be slightly affected by the growing US-China trade conflicts, the Ministry of Commerce assured yesterday.

The ministry’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office director-general Pimchanok Vonkorpon assured of the minimal impact from the trade spat between the US and China after the assessment of the dispute.

But she said that although the impact would be slight, Thailand should urgently find new markets for risk diversification.

Trade retaliation between the US and China by imposing the tariffs for goods worth around 50 billion US dollars will inevitably affect the world trade.

However, she said this could benefit Thailand as Thailand may be able to export to replace some items that were hit by the higher tariffs.

She said Thailand should urgently explore the new markets to spread the risk in export.

The ministry will hold a meeting with relevant parties, both public and private sectors, to discuss the issue urgently.