The “unsung hero” who keep areas around Sanam Luang cleared of any garbage during the Royal cremation ceremonies

City Hall’s cleaners and the “Chit Arsa” volunteers are the “unsung hero” who, in the past couple of days leading up to the Royal cremation day on October 26, made sure that the areas around Sanam Luang are clean and free of garbage the next morning after tens of thousands people camped out, waiting to witness Royal cremation processions and to bid farewell to their beloved Monarch.

There were about 150,000 people around Sanam Luang and adjacent areas on October 26 who kept vigil there from the morning until at night. Most of them ate there and drank there. So, imagine how much garbage was generated on that single day.

According to the City Administration, there were over 300 tonnes of garbage left by mourners in the areas. But almost all of the disappeared the next morning – thanks to hundreds of cleaners and “Chit Arsa” volunteers who tirelessly worked throughout the night to collect the garbage which were mostly kept in plastic bags scattering in the areas.

Mrs Chalor Poompanson

Mrs Chalor Poompanson, one of the cleaners, said that, during the past week, the City Hall had mobilized over 1,000 cleaners to do the job around Sanam Luang and adjacent areas.

“There were so much a sea of garbage. But we collected them all and put them in a garbage truck if there was one nearby,” he said.

Mr Somnuek Kraikruan,

Mr Somnuek Kraikruan, one of the volunteers, said that there were so many people that there was no space to store garbage. “So, we volunteers, served as mobile garbage collectors, collecting the garbage and taking them out to be disposed of.”

According to the Environment Office of the City Hall, there were an average of 141 tonnes of garbage each day during October 23-25. But on October 26, 339 tonnes of garbage were collected and over 100 garbage trucks were used to carry the garbage away.