UN claims the Philippines one of the worst places without an armed conflict

The Philippines stands out as one of the worst places outside an armed conflict situation due to the scale of and human rights crisis, said United Nations Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard in an interview by Bloomberg TV Philippines last week.

According to The Manila Times Online report on Monday, Callamard said the Duterte government had portrayed those being killed as drug pushers and drug addicts and not as fathers, sons and people who had dreams.

“This is so dangerous for the nature and for the culture altogether. Let’s remember who those individuals are and let’s give them the due process that they are entitled to as a Filipino citizen,” she said.

Callamard is unable to conduct her investigation into the spate of killings of drug suspects because of her refusal to meet the terms set by the government. Among the conditions is a public debate between Callamard and Duterte before the media.

Asked if Duterte could be held liable under international law for the murder or inciting violence, Callamard said there is a “regime of liability” attached to the acts and words of the president.

Incitement to violence is prohibited under international law but whether or not Duterte was inciting violence, “there is currently an atmosphere and culture around the killings that deny the people being killed their humanity.”