Two women killed and five other people injured in car pile-up

Two women were killed and five others injured in a pile-up involving seven cars at a traffic light in Kanchanaburi when a ten-wheel truck crashed into the back of one of the seven cars.

The fatal road accident took place at a traffic light in front of Wat Ban Thong on Saengchuto road in Tha Muang district.

Police said that seven cars were stopping at the traffic light when, out of a sudden, one ten-wheel truck failed to stop and crashed into the rear of the seventh car in which two women were travelling.

The two women were crushed to death in the wreck of their car and the force of the impact sent the ill-fated car to slam into the preceding car causing a pile-up involving altogether seven sedans.

It was reported that the seventh car also caught fire after the impact from the truck but municipal workers managed to douse the fire in time before it spread out to the other cars.

The truck driver whose identity was not disclosed at press time was held in custody for interrogation as to the cause of the accident.