Two suspects arrested for death of​ wedding studio owner in Trang 

Trang police yesterday (Jan 2) arrested two men after suspecting them to be involved in the death of a 32-year-old owner of a wedding studio in Muang district.

Pakin Sonnarai was found dead, naked inside his car abandoned outside Thung Chaeng sports stadium on Jan 1.

Relatives earlier reported that Pakin went missing after leaving his wedding studio on Dec 29.

The search in the car didn’t produce anything unusual but the examination of his naked body showed bruises around his neck. Police suspected he had been dead for about four days as his body started to decompose.

Pakin Sonnarai

Pakin’s relatives said his gold ornaments, an iPhone, and around 50,000-baht cash went missing.

Investigation by police later revealed that his stolen gold necklace was sold to a goldshop.

Two men were arrested and one of them reportedly told police that he had sex with Pakin inside the car, but suddenly, Pakin passed out and died.

The suspect said he then took the victim’s gold ornaments and sold them.

Trang police commander Pol Maj Gen Sompong Thongbai said the bruises around the victim’s neck was not likely to cause death.

However the police would await the autopsy results from Songklanagarind Hospital in Songkhla province before charging the two suspects.