Two plastic bag free days in a month to be set

The Department of Environmental Quality Promotion says Thai shoppers have helped to reduce the use of 1.78 million plastic bags when the country started the first plastic bag free day campaign on August 15.

The plastic bag free day was observed for the second day yesterday at all convenience stores, supermarkets and department stores.

Department’s deputy director-general Sermyos Somman said the plastic bag free day would be observed on the 15th of every month.

On August 15, the first time of the campaign, Thai shoppers have helped to reduce the use of 1.78 million plastic bags, or 0.3% of total plastic garbages.

From the survey of most stores, he said the people gave good cooperation in the campaign by bringing along with them cloth bags instead, or recycled their old plastic bags for use.

He said statistics by the department revealed that people used more than 7,000 tons of plastic bags and foams a day, 5,300 tons of which are plastic bags.

The successful observation of the campaign and good cooperation from the people will encourage the department to include one more day to the plastic bag free day on the 30th day of the month, in addition to the 15th day, he said.

He also said that the department was also contemplating of a bill to increase tax on plastic bag use to keep pace with international standards.