Two more Koreans arrested for online gambling

Thonglor police last night arrested two South Koreans for operating online soccer bets from a rented condominium room in Phra Khanong area.

Police said Lee Cheh Yang, 39, and Lee Cheh Min, 31 were apprehended in the room of Nusasiri Condo.

Two computers and other electronic devices used for money transactions, Internet router, code numbers and four smart phones were confiscated.

The arrest came after Thong Lor police received a tipoff that a Korean online gambling gang was using a rented room in the condominium to operate online gambling.

Both confessed to the charges and told police that they came in to operate the online gambling just a month ago.

They rented the room for 40,000 baht a month, and were paid 45,000 baht a month from their boss in Korea. They said that they had 200,000 baht cash in circulation a month from operating the online soccer bets for clients in South Korea.