Two illegal loggers nabbed with 400-year old Takian logs

Two men were arrested on charges of illegal logging after they cut a huge Takian, or Chengal tree thought to be about 400 years old in the mountainous forest in Si Sakhon district of Narathiwat on Tuesday (Feb 13).

The arrest was made by a joint force of military personnel, police and local administration officials after they received a tip-off that illegal logging was taking place in the mountain in Tambon Sri Banphot, Si Sakhon district.

The raiding party found the two alleged loggers,  Abdul Pata Madsae and Abdul Rosor Daranibong, in the act of processing the cut logs.

They found four huge logs of a Takian tree (Neobalanocarpus heimii), about 200 Takian wooden planks, a chain saw, one gallon of fuel, two guns and some methamphetamine pills. A makeshift shelter was also found at the site.

Each of the four huge logs was measured at seven metres for its circumference, said officials, adding that they estimated the Takian tree to be about 400 years old.

The two suspects told the officials that they poached trees in the forest and processed the logs into wooden planks and had them sold to any buyers to make a living.  They also said that they had already made two deliveries of the processed wood to buyers in town.

The suspects were charged with illegal logging, illegal possession of narcotic drugs and chain saw.