Two more gaur carcasses found

Kuiburi park officials found carcasses of two more gaurs in the park, raising the number of gaurs dying within the past few months to 22.

A combined search team of district officials, park officials, and soldiers led by chief district officer Pongpan Vichiensamut,  national park conservation director Wattana Pornprasert, and Kuiburi national park chief Saroyan Phobundit, combed the area near Rongtanai, northeast of the Yang Yisipyon park unit after smelling decomposed carcass.

After a thorough search, they found a carcass of a 15-year-old gaur. It was believed to die more than two months.
There was sign that the carcass was eaten by other hunting animals.

Meanwhile another search team also combed Hupkrachang Trian area and found another carcass of a 12-year-old gaur. It was believed to die a month ago.

The teams collected skulls and tissues of both gaurs for autopsy and laboratory tests to find the exact cause of death.

The finding yesterday raised total death of gaurs to 22, or almost the entire herd of gaurs wandering for food in this are.