Troops in full control of capital

Heavily armed soldiers, military jeeps mounted with sub machine guns, armoured personnel carriers, and Humvee trucks are now deployed at key government offices, key intersections, commercial areas in the capital's inner zones after the Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha imposed martial law covering the whole country.

Army Chief Gen Prayuth said before noon the imposition of martial followed ongoing violence waged by armed groups using war weapon against innocent people, and also strong indication of  bloody riot due to continual instigation of unrest in the country.

He made clear that the imposition of martial law is intended to bring peace and order in the country as soon as possible and urged all rival groups to halt their movement instantly.

He assured the imposition of martial law is not a military coup while  comforting  the public   that the people should not panic as they can still lead their normal life, and can go to work as usual.

He expressed hope to bring the country back to normal and restore peace and order  as soon as possible.

Meanwhile redshirt leader Jatuporn Phrompan said the imposition of martial was not a coup and therefore the people still have the right to voice their views and hold demonstrations within their places.

He said redshirt people would monitor the situation closely to see if there would be attempt to nominate an interim prime minister under Article 7 or not.

He said redshirts would protest if such attempt was renewed as it was against the Constitution.

All redshirt TV stations and anti government TV stations are now seized by troops.
In commercial areas, pedestrians were also seen expressing their support and giving flowers to troops for their action.