Treasury notifies the latest booking of commemorative coins on Royal Cremation

The Treasury Department today (October 10) notified the latest booking of commemorative coins on the occasion of the Royal Cremation Ceremony of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej has now reached over 18 million for the 100-baht cupronickel coins.

It said the total bookings for the commemorative coins by  September 30 are 139,960 gold coins, 79,999 bronze coins, 799,999 silver coins, and 18 million cupronickel coins.

The gold coin cost 50,000 baht, the silver coin 2,000 baht,  the sandblasted, black-coated bronze coin 3,000 baht, and the cupronickel coin 100 baht

It said that it will open for the people who placed booking order on the first and second round to receive the coins on 29 January 2018. All coins can be received at the places they booked, except for the bronze coins that they could be picked up at the Treasury  Department on Soi Aree, and at the provincial treasury offices.

The sandblasted, black-coated bronze coins can be picked up from July 2018 onwards.

For the minting of King Rama X coins, director-general of the Treasury Department Mr  Pajara Anantasilpa said the department has been granted the royal endorsement to mint nine types of coins for circulation.

The coins will be at 10 baht down to one satang, he said.

He said the department is in the process of drafting a ministerial regulation to propose to the cabinet for approval.

He said the minting of the new coins are expected to begin in the 2018 fiscal year.