Transport to test run 8 new bus routes on Aug 15

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) on Wednesday (Aug 9) announced to launch a month-long test run of city buses on eight new bus routes under its city bus service reform scheme.

The test run will be from Aug 15 to Sept 15.

The eight new bus routes are modified and extended from the existing routes.

Under the reform which will see a total of 269 new bus routes across the capital and it’s periphery, Bangkok will be divided to four bus service zones signified by colours,  green, red, yellow and blue.

The colour of each zone will be painted on the front of the bus along with new bus number, and English alphabet such as G for green, Y for yellow, B for blue and R for red, in front of the actual bus number.

On the test run to begin Aug 15, each route will run five BMTA buses with the new improved service with fares remaining the same for the time being.

In order to facilitate easier recognition, colors will be used to differentiate the lines. Furthermore, the buses will have no more than 2 digits to simplify route recognition.

In the future, GPS tracking equipment will be installed and commuters will be able to pay fares with E-Tickets.

The public have been advised to provide feedback and comments on the new service at the Ministry of Transport’s Bus Reroute BKK Facebook page.

In accordance with the ministry’s timeline, a total revamp of the capital’s bus services will be made and this includes setting up new lines and recanting existing concessions.

For the latter, the government will pass a special law to allow public bidding to be organized for new bus operators.

DLT director-general Sanit Promwong said  the entire bus reform process will take two years to complete.

He said that during the reform period, original bus routes will still be in operation, as the new bus routes will be slowly integrated  to prevent public confusion.

He said the main aim of the reforms was to make improvements on the quality of services as well as guaranteeing the highest degree of safety.

He also revealed that in future, screening of bus operators will place the highest priority on cost effectiveness and quality of service.