Training for partridge raisers to prevent spread of bird flu

The Livestock Department has organised a training course for raisers of partridges, or nok kratha, in the Central Region to lay down measures to prevent the spread of bird flu.

The training is being held in Ang Thong province, attended by about 100 partridge raisers from 10 Central provinces.

Anek Sikhiosod, chairman of the Federation Council of Ang Thong, said the Livestock Department has issued an instruction for all poulty farms to step up measures to prevent the virus as the World Organisation for Animal Health or OIE has reported a severe outbreak of bird flu in Asean countries.

He said the training will enable partridge raisers to know the methods of prevention and control of the virus in their farms. In Ang Thong alone, there are altogether 130 partridge farms. However, there have been no reports of bird flu at these farms.