Traffic rearrangements on Oct 25-29 during Royal Cremation ceremonies

The traffic police in Bangkok has announced traffic rearrangements on several roads during the Royal Cremation ceremonies on October 25-29.

The following roads and Sois are off-limits to all vehicles during October 24-29.  They are Na Hubhoei, Lak Muang, Maharat, Thai Wang, Chetupon, Setthakarn, Phra Pipit, Sanam Chai, Ratchadamnoen Nai, Prachan, Na Phra Thart, Na Phra Larn, Rachinee from Phra Arthit road intersection to  Parn Pipob Leela intersection, Charoen Krung from Territorial Defence Unit circle to Sapan Mon, Kalayanamaitree road from Sanam Chai Rong See bridge and Soi Saranrom.

Parking is banned for all vehicles during October 24-29 on the following roads:  Na Hubhoei, Lak Muang, Maharat, Thai Wang, Chetupon, Setthakarn, Phra Pipit, Sanam Chai, Phra Chan, Na Phra Thart, Na Phra Larn, Rachinee, Asadang, Charoen Krung, Ratchadamnoen Nai, Kalayanamaitree, Chakkabhong, Chao Fah, Krung Kasem, Phra Sumane,  Soi Phraya Phet and Soi Saranrom.

One-way traffic on the following roads during October 24-29:  Phra Sumane road from its connection with Phra Arthit road to Bang Lamphu intersection, Chakkabhong road from Bang Lamphu intersection to Phra Arthit road, Chao Fah road from Chakkabhong to Phra Arthit and Phra Arthit road from Chao Fah road to Phra Sumane road.

No right turn on Charoen Krung road toward Sanam Chai road and Chakkapatpong to Ratchadamnoen Nok.

Parking ban and no traffic on Ratchadamnoen Nok road from Dusit Palace to Pan Fah intersection and from Pan Fah intersection to Pan Pipob Leela intersection, Pinklao road from Arun-amarin intersection to Pan Pipob Leela intersection during October 25-26.

No road traffic and no parking for all vehicles during October 25-26 on roads used as route of the Royal Cremation processions.  The affected roads are Look Luang, Larn Luang from Pan Fah intersection of Saphan Khao intersectin, Sri Ayudhya road from Wat Benja to First Division HQ, Phitsanuloke road from Panichkarn College to Wang Dang intersection, Krung Kasem road from Prachakasem intersection to Thevakam intersection, Chakkadipong road from Mansri intersection to Chulachomklao military academy, Visutkasat road from Chulachomklao military academy to Visutkasat intersection, Nakhon Sawan road from Pan Fah to Nang Loeng, Tanao road from Phra Sumane road to Mahannop road, Dinsor road from Chalermwatchart bridge to Mahannop road, Mahachai road from Samranrat intersection to Mahakarn fort, Phra Sumane road from Mahakarn fort to Chalermwanchart bridge, Rachinee road, Assadang, Maharat and Borom Rachinee elevated road from Rama VIII bridge to Phra Pinklao bridge approach.