Traffic jams on highways to North, Northeast as people leave capital to enjoy 5-day long holiday

As more and more people are leaving the capital to enjoy the long five day holiday this weekend that caused major highways to the Northeast, the North and the South jampacked with vehicles today, the Transport Company says it will add 1,000 extra trips from the normal 6,000 trips a day to cope with the rising number of passengers.

The company’s chairman and acting president Pol. Gen. Amnaj Anarttama-Ngarm said the company has been prepared to cope with the increase in passenger traffic during the 5 day Buddhist Lent and Buddhist Lent Eve break from July 16 – 20.

He stated that in normal circumstances, the average number of trips carried out by their buses is 6,000 per day.

But due to the higher number of passengers this long weekend,  they have increased 1,000 extra trips to the bus fleets per day.

Furthermore, he  said that the company has also prepared 300 special buses as backup.

These 300 will be able to handle an extra 100,000 passengers if the need arises, he said.

The acting president also revealed that the highest concentration of passenger traffic will be today as many rural people who are working in Bangkok have pre-booked tickets earlier on so that they can return to their domiciles before the rush occurs.

Meanwhile highway police said heavy traffic are on Asian, Friendship, and Highway 9 (Bang Na- Bang Pa-in) and also Highway 304 from Kabinburi to Nakhon Ratchasima.

But for the Rama 2 highway to the South, traffic was moderate.