Tourism council calls for state to resolve illegal hotel business in Chiang Mai

The central committee shall have the participation of relevant agencies in the province in solving this problem.

Call by the council chairman Mr Pornchai Jitnavasatien came as last week’s raid at the Eastin Tan hotel in Chiang Mai after it was reported to operate without license.

The hotel is reportedly owned by wellknown businessman Tan Pasakornnatee.

The raid last Friday was led by Chiang Mai’s Muang district officer Saranyu Meethongkham.

During the raid, the hotel’s general manager was unable to produce the license as demanded.

He was asked to report himself to Phuping Ratchaniwet Police Station where he was charged with operating the hotel without a license.

Commenting on the rising hotel business in Chiang Mai, Mr Pornchai admitted that at present many hotels still are operating with no license.

He said several local government agencies were aware of this problem but there is no agency which is directly in charge of this illegal operation.

He then called on the government to appoint a central committee to resolve this problem jointly with local authorities.

Eastin Tan hotel is still operating as usual yesterday after last week’s raid.

The hotel staff said there was neither instruction from both the owner and local authorities to stop the service.

The hotel has already appealed to relevant government agencies, the staff said.

The district officer Saranyu also said local authorities did not treat any hotel indiscriminately.

He said many hotels operating without licences have been raided but they did’t become news.

Besides there are still many hotels which operate illegally but still are not yet inspected.

The Chang Mai governor was scheduled to hold a meeting with all relevant agencies to discuss the problem today.