TOT to reduce monthly fee for home phone users 

The state-owned TOT Plc will consider lowering its 107-baht monthly fee and phone rates for home phone users in its bid to stop cancellation of home phone use.

The plan was revealed by TOT vice president Anurut Uthairat as the home phone use is gradually losing to the  ever-growing popularity of mobile phones.

The telephone official in charge of phone and broadband services said beginning next year, the TOT will lower its 107-baht a month it collects from phone subscribers and also phone rates as the ever-stagnating use of landline phones at home continues with more home phone users cacelling and switching to mobile phone use.

He said the home phone cancellation is about 7% a year.

He didn’t elaborate on how much the monthly fee and the phone rates will be reduced in order to keep the customees’ loyalty to landline service, but said that the TOT has set aside over a billion baht to improve its landline service system to be more efficient by deploying the IP4 wireless system to its telephone exchanges to provide WiFi services.

This will ensure home phone users to remain their loyalties to TOT’s landline services, he said.

He said the deployment of the WiFi system at all it’s telephone exchanges will be completed in 2025.

At present TOT has 3 million landline numbers, breaking down to 70% home users, and the rest office users.

In 2016, landline use generated 6-7 billion baht earning for TOT.

TOT operated at a loss this year but better than the previous year with lower operating cost and operation revenues.

Next year it aims to return to profit again with expected net profit of 2 billion baht under its five-year business strategy beginning 2018-2022.

TOT expects to have EBITDAR  (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, and restructuring or rent costs)  at 11.6 billion baht, or 3 billion baht  higher than 2017.