Torrential monsoon rains wreaking havoc across the South

As torrential monsoon rains and floodings are wreaking havoc across the country’s southern region, local authorities now have declared many areas disaster hit so relief assistance could be managed instantly to reach the affected people.

Lanslides, road collapse, river bank erosion were reported in many provinces as more torrential rains are forecasted for the next several days.

In Trang province, a 200-metre section of the Trang river collapsed, forcing authorities to hastily fix the collpase for fear that it could threaten the town.

Seven districts in Trang are now submerged due to overnight rainfall.

Trang River has overflowed its banks and flooded a by-pass road in Muang district. About one kilometer of both inbound and outbound lanes has been inundated.

In Phatthalung, the flood situation remains critical as all 11 districts are submerged.

The floodwater is more than one metre high and 22 schools are forced to close.

In Songkhla, the water in U Tapao canal keeps rising and flows swiftly.

It damaged part of a road and a bridge connecting two villages in Hat Yai district and Klong Hoi Kong district.

Officials have sealed off the road for safety reason.

Meanwhile in Pattani province, a major dyke has swollen and water is spilling over its spillway.

The dyke is the collective point for rain water from upstream of the dam at Banang Star, Krong Penang and Yaha districts located in Yala province.

The Pattani Emergency Operating Center for Flooding, Storms and Landslides reported that the highest volume of rainfall in the past 24 hours was at Saiburi district at 168 mm followed by 144 mm in Panare district.

In Narathiwat, flooding has expanded to cover the provinces all 13 districts.

Flooding situation in three districts is deteriorating, including Ra-ngae district where 2,700 houses are under 1-1.5 metres of water. Flooding in the provincial seat and Su-ngai Kolok district is about one metre deep or more.