Top public health official faces probe for civil disobedience

The permanent secretary of the Public Health Minister Dr Narong Sahamethapat is facing disciplinary probe after he announced civil disobedience and called on all public health officials to stop work and join the January 13 Occupy Bangkok protest.

It was the first time which the top official of the ministry openly called on all public health officials to disobey the government and join anti-government protest.

In the announcement signed by the permanent secretary after the meeting with  senior health officials, he  called on all heads of all departments, divisions and hospitals under the Ministry of Health to stage civil disobedience to press for reform before election. All hospitals will put up signs to support the protest on January 13.

At the end of the announcement Dr Narong wrote “See Again When the Country Needs”.

The announcement prompted the public health minister Dr Pradit Sinthavanarong to set up a committee to investigate.

If the announcement of civil disobedience was true, the permanent secretary will face severe penalty.

Meanwhile Dr Narong said he was relieved after announcing his stance to the public.
He said he was not worried and would not step down.