Toon sets to complete his 2,191-km charity run in Mae Sai today

Singer Artiwara Kongmalai, or “Toon Bodyslam” and his team kicked off the final Day 55 charity run from Chiang Rai town to the northernmost border town of Mae Sai in the early hours of Monday (Dec 25) amid a large number of people lining along the roadside to give him morale support.

The team started running at 2.30am from the rest area of Highway Office 1 heading for the first checkpoint of today at Mazda Sinthani  branch office in Chiang Rai town which is 8.2 kilometes away.

Before starting the run, Toon thanked all supporters gathering at the starting point saying that without the morale support from all the people, he and his team would never have this day.

“I would like to thank everybody for the support, spirits and cheers for me and my team  , as well as for doctors and nurses who are working hard at hospitals nationwide. Your supports help us to come this far,” Toon said.

Along the Phaholyothin highway, people lined up to give donations to the team, including an artist Suvit Jaipom and colleagues who raised 600,000 baht from selling paintings and donated to Toon’s Kaokonlakao (Step by step) charity scheme.

By 9am today Toon and his team have arrived in Mae Chan district with the remaining 49 kilometres before reaching the finish line in Mae Sai district.

Until late this morning, Toon has raised over 1,040 million baht from his charity run which started from the southernmost district of Betong in Yala on Nov 1 along a total of 2,191 kilometres.