Three-year-old boy escapes shooting in Pattani, but father seriously injured

A family of four members was ambushed while they were travelling in a pick-up truck from Songkhla to Pattani yesterday (July 9).

Three-year-old Jirapat Donpol was travelling in a pick-up truck with his grandfather, Kittisak Donpol, 59; his father, Apivit, 37; and his mother, Natawadi Intarkiri.

The family was on the way from Songkhla to Pattani’s Thung Yang Daeng district to visit relatives.

When they arrived Ban Kok Kor in Mayo district of Pattani, four armed militants opened fire with 9mm pistols at close range. The attack happened just 80 metres away from a school.

Mr Kittisak, the driver, was shot in the body and waist, while Apivit was shot on the head. Both were critically injured. They were rushed to Pattani hospital. They were later transferred to Songklanagarind Hospital.

However, the boy and his mother, Natawadi, were unhurt but in a state of shock.

The gun attack was witnessed by an army officer Capt Raksak Chaikit who was driving pass. The officer drew out his pistol to return fire at the militants, forcing them to flee the scene.

The officer who is attached to an intelligence unit at Pattani Task Force later alerted the nearby police for help.

Police reinforcement arrived at the scene where they collected over 20 spent shells of 9 mm cartridges.

They believed the militants belonged to the group led by Bukoli Wanso.