Three Vietnamese arrested with 15 million baht worth of rhino horns

Three Vietnamese were arrested at Suvarnabhumi international airport early Sunday morning (Sept 24) after Customs officials found 15 rhino horns worth about 15 million baht hidden in their three luggage.

The three suspects were identified as Yoeng Ba Ngia, 27; Ms Nguen Thi Thujang, 30; and Ms Pham Thi Thanghuei, 56.

An informed source said that customs officials at the airport were alerted to look out for passengers arriving from Angola by Ethiopian Airline who might try to smuggle rhino horns into Thailand.

At about 1 am after the landing of Ethiopian Airline’s flight ET628 from Addis Ababa, three Vietnamese were spotted acting suspiciously as they arrived with three luggage to connect a flight to Hanoi.

Waiting customs officials then approached them and asked for a search of their luggage which uncovered 15 rhino horns weighing 7.4 kgs buried under their snacks in the luggage.

The three Vietnamese claimed they were each offered 32,000 baht to bring six luggage from Angola via Thailand to Vietnam.

They were charged with attempted smuggling of products from endangered species under CITES.