Three spots of Tham Luang cave to be drilled

The Mineral Resources Department have proposed drillings at three spots of Tham Luang cave to enable rescue teams to get to the chamber or as close to the chamber where the 12 missing footballers and a coach are believed to be taking refuge and at the same time to help drain water out of the flooded cave.

After having consulted the department’s geological maps, the department has proposed the drilling of the cave entrance with an intention to expand the space to drain water out of the cave.

The second spot for drilling is at a hole on the mountain above the so-called Pattaya Beach to expand the hole in vertical direction to allow the insertion of a miniature TV camera to survey the interior of the cave chamber or to be used as a channel through which food and water supply cannot be dropped or air to be pumped into the chamber.

“This spot matches with the statement by British cave explorer Martin that it will lead to the chamber close to Pattaya Beach,” said Mr Suvit Kuosuwan, director of environmental geology office of Mineral Resources Department.

The last spot to be drilled is at the innermost of the Tham Luang cave where there is a hole that water flows into the cave.

Before the drilling commences, he said that consultations about the thickness of the cave wall for each proposed spot and how the drilling will be undertaken would be required from geological X-ray physicists.