Three men arrested for knife attack in Yala

Three teeagers were arrested by police on Wednesday (Jan 3) after they allegedly attacked two people with a knife in Yala town last week.

The knife attack took place at 7.30pm on Dec 27 when Niwes Chailamya and Tasana Charoenkong were driving a motorcycle on a local road in Yala municipality. Both were seriously injured.

An examination of video footages from surveillance cameras showed three men riding a motorcycle with one of them slashed the victims with the knife.

The police tracked their escape routes and arrested the three at homes. They were identified as Zayudi Wa-ayita, 21, Muslim Deng, 19, and Bukori Tohdeh, 19.

The motorcycle they rode in and clothes they wore on the night of the incidents were also seized.

The two victims, one of them in serious cut wounds on the head, said they didn’t know their attackers and had no dispute with them before.

Police said  there was similar case recently when a woman, Wanida Meeyo, was injured in a knife attack by two men on a motorcycle. The two suspects identified as Paisarl Saleh and Sapiyan Bin Doloh were later arrested.