Three arrested for commercial trade of dead protected wildlife online

Metropolitan police today (June 30) arrested a couple and their colleague and charged them with the selling of protected wildlife.

They were identified as Jenarong Sainark, 27, his girlfriend Ms Walapa Kaochotchuang, 22, and Opas Pumpuay, 25.

The arrest came after the police trailed a trade of live and dead endangered species on a Facebook user by the name of “Yennom” to a rented house on Wongsawang road and Pantip Plaza commercial complex on Ngamwongwan road.

The three allegedly posted several items of protected wildlife products for sales on the Facebook. Among the seized wildlife products are carcasses of leopard cat, rhinoeros hornbill, helmeted hornbills, Asian palm civet skins, and bear nails.

Police said these wildlife products were believed to come from Bala Hala national park in Yala province.
All the seized items will be handed over to the forestry officials for keeping.