Thaksin petitions for justice over the lese majeste charge against him

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on Thursday sought justice from the attorney-general over a decision by the Office of the Attorney-General to charge him with lese majeste and violation of computer crime act.

Thaksin’s petition for justice was submitted by his lawyer, Mr Chokchai Angkaew, and Pol Gen Viroon Fuensaen, former Pheu Thai MP of Chiang Rai, to the attorney-general through Mr Prayut Petkhun and Mr Kosonwat Inthuchanriang, deputy spokespersons of the OAG.

After receiving the petition letter, Mr Prayut said that, in accordance with Rule No 47 of the OAG regulations regarding criminal litigation, a suspect can submit a petition to the OAG through his lawyer during the inquiry process or prosecution process.

Meanwhile, chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasarnratchakit said Thursday that the NACC board had assigned the Litigation Office to consider reviving two old cases against Thaksin.

The first case concerns the 4 billion baht loan given to the government of Myanmar by the Thai Exim Bank for the purchase of communication gears from Shin Corp which was then majority-owned by the Shinawatra family and the second case is about the two- and three-digit lottery project endorsed by the Thaksin administration.

Pol Gen Watcharapol said that the decision to consider reviving the two cases against the fugitive former prime minister was in accordance with the new criminal procedural law that the NACC is duty-bound to follow.

He dismissed the suggestion that the new law was meant to target against the former prime minister.

The NACC chairman went on saying that, from now on, the NACC would take all the cases to the court by itself because it is now capable to do so without hiring outside lawyers.