Thais spend more time reading

The National Statistical Office said Thai people spent 37 minutes on  reading in  one day.

The latest finding conducted from the population of over six years old  in 2013 revealed that reading time has increased 13% from the last survey two years ago to 81.8%.

If taken into consideration the reading of the people in the country, Bangkok recorded the highest reading of 94.6%, followed by central and southern regions.

The reading time was 37 minutes a day or two minutes higher than the last survey.

On the survey of sources of reading, it was  revealed that books and journals remain the top source, though it was 0.1% lower than the last survey.

However Internet remained the second  source and increased 6% from last survey, followed by tablets and smart phones which also rose 0.3% and 1.8% respectively.

The largest group of readers is children, followed by youths and adults.

Home remains the place where the people have chosen to read, followed by private business places (coffee houses, restaurants),  working places and educational places.

It was strange to find that educational places are less attractive for reading than  private business places because private business places have better environmental atmosphere for reading.