Thailand ranks third in Asia Pacific for having high ratio of women in senior management positions 

Thailand was ranked third in Asia Pacific for the ratio of women in senior management positions of 36 countries surveyed in 2017.

This was revealed today in the Grand Thornton’s annual survey of 36 countries of senior management roles held by women, to mark the International Women’s Day today.

The survey by the professional services firm Grant Thornton showed that women in Asia Pacific held a wider management role, with the ratio increasing to 25% from 23% in 2016.

For Thailand, Thai women in senior management role stood at 31%, becoming third in Asia Pacific countries, after Indonesia, 46% and the Philippines, 40%.

But for top management role as chief executive, the ratio of Thai women rose to 40%, while chief financial position also stood at 34%.

In the study Grand Thornton said although Thailand sits in the third rank, but it could fall if Thailand fails to support women to have  equal roles to men in business position.

It said Thailand could face same problems encountered by developed countries in Asia Pacific of which the ratio of women in senior management role was only 13%.

Grand Thornton said balancing between the parenting role and occupational achievement of Thai women  remains a great challenge for Thai women.

It said the majority of Thai women still give priority to family.

However sometimes they have to choose between sparing enough time for family and their  work achievements.

According to CNBC, Grand Thornton said women now hold one in four senior roles at companies around the world with Eastern Europe particularly standing out for efforts to enhance gender diversity.

It said women held 25 percent of senior management roles in 2017 globally, up one percentage point from 2016.

Eastern Europe fared well, with 38 percent of senior roles held by women and only 9 percent of businesses lacking women in senior roles. Grant Thornton said the region owed some of its strong performances to the “legacy of communist principles which have placed women as equals for generations.”

Russia, was the only country in which every business surveyed had a woman on its senior leadership team, according to the report.

The findings for 2017 in the report were based on interviews done between July and December 2016.

The report noted that the percentage of companies that had no female participation at senior level globally rose by a percentage point in 2017 to 34 percent.

Developed Asia Pacific had a staggering 54 percent of business that had no women in senior roles, compared to only 13 percent of companies that did.

In the U.S., the scenario remained unchanged from a year earlier — 23 percent of senior roles were held by women and 31 percent of businesses had no women in senior positions.