Thailand Post warns of mailing restricted and prohibited items 

Thailand Post today warned people of sending prohibited and restricted items through the mail saying it is illegal and sender could face a maximum jailterm of up to two years and a maximum fine of 80,000 baht, or both.

The warning came after the police have discovered that arms trader has used postal service to send the prohibited and restricted items to customers.

TP president Mrs Samorn Terdtampiboon said TP has tightened safety measures including screening prohibited and restricted items with X-ray scanners in cooperation with airport officials.

In case of detection of any violation, the parcels posted could be traced to the senders from the postal offices which have CCTV monitoring, she said.

She said all postal offices have warning signs detailing which items that are restricted and prohibited.

In addition, senders are also required to show their identification cards to ensure that dangerous goods are not slipped through the mails which conform with the ministerial regulation to prevent and stop narcotics smuggling.

Prohibited and restricted items included live animal, addicted substances, obscene materials, explosives and firearm cartridges, inflammable goods, and copyrighted goods.

In addition, she said air mailing of organic peroxide, aerosol paints, battery are also prohibited and violaters could face two years in jail or a fine of 80,000 baht or both.