A temple’s heli-pad is seized for trespassing on national park

Army troops and forestry officials on Friday seized a helicopter landing pad of a forest temple in Phetchabun province after finding out that it encroaches on the Nam Nao national park.

The heli-pad sits on a one-rai plot of land in the national park.  It was built by Pa Samyek forest temple in Tambon Wang Klang, Nam Nao district.

The abbot of the temple, Phra Kasame Arjinnasilo, earned notoriety after he was reported in several newspapers for putting one of his legs on a table while food was being arranged and kicking some chairs.

A loyal follower of the abbot, Mr Thammarat Thawil, told the officials that Phra Kasame regularly suffered from car sick and the heli-pad was built in order to enable the monk to travel by air instead of by road and to see his doctor at the clinic which is about 100 kilometres from the temple.

Mr Thammarat was however charged by forestry officials of trespassing on the national park.  He was later released on 300,000 baht bail.