TDRI proposes 3-5 baht bus fare increase

A transport expert of Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) has recommended the government to increase the fare of “hot” buses between 3-5 baht per trip and to adjust the fare of air-conditioned buses to 20-baht flat rate for the entire route.

Dr Sumet Ongkittikul who is also a project advisor to the plan to reform 269 bus routes in Bangkok said Wednesday (Aug 9) that the proposed 3-5 baht increase for the “hot” or non-air-conditioned buses would bring the bus fare to between 10-12 baht per trip which is appropriate and will enable bus operators to operate without loss after all the 269 bus routes are reorganized.

However, he said if bus operators feel that the proposed fare rates are not worthy of the investment, then the Bangkok Mass Transport Authority (BMTA) will have to operate all the 269 bus routes themselves or they can allow one operator to operate two routes – one which is profitable and the other which is loss-ridden.

However, Dr Sumet said, in the future, bus operators would be allowed to set their own fare rates for the routes which will link up with mass transit system with the introduction of a common ticket which can be used for bus and mass transit services.