TBA is mulling to bring back boxing coach Juan Fontanils

Thailand Boxing Association (TBA) is considering to bring back Cuban coach Juan Fontanils to train Thai boxers for the Olympic Games in 2020.

TBA’s president for technical development affairs Somchai Poonsawat said Thursday (Dec 21) that it was very likely that Mr Fontanils would join the Thai team to work with another Cuban boxing coach, Julian Ricardo Gonzales Cedeno, who is now working with the Thai boxing squad.

“The TBA has always eyed for Fontanils who is now committed with Mexico, but his contract will soon expire and he has shown interest to return to Thailand,” said Mr Somchai, adding that he was happy to welcome back the Cuban coach.

If Fontanils is definitely back to Thailand, he added that TBA would divide the coaching responsibility between the two Cubans with one of them coaching the female pugilists and the other the male boxers.

Fontanils’s outstanding coaching performances were evident in the achievements of Thai amateur boxers in the 13th Asian Games in which the Thai team won five gold medals and three gold medals from the Olympic Games in 1996, 2000 and 2004.

The Thai boxing team has not won any medal in the last two Olympic Games.

Fontanils is due to arrive in Thailand in mid-January to witness the selection of female boxers and to discuss his coaching career with the TBA.