Taxpayers warned against imposters demanding their tax information on the phone

The Revenue Department has clarified today (Feb 7) that it has no policy of enquiring information about personal income taxes from taxpayers on the phone.

Revenue Department deputy director-general and spokesperson of the department, Mrs Patricia Mongkolvanich, made the above statement in response to a report that several taxpayers lost substantial amount of money after they had been duped by imposters claiming to be revenue officials to give away their tax information and to claim tax refund via the ATM.

She said that the department has never had a policy assigning its officials to phone taxpayers to make enquiries about their tax payments or tax-related information.

If the department has any doubts or needs additional evidence from taxpayers, it will directly notify them in writing, she insisted.

As for taxpayers who were overtaxed by their employers, Mrs Patricia said that after revenue officials had checked their tax forms and, if it was discovered that the taxpayers were overtaxed, they would return the excess tax into their bank accounts via PromptPay system or send them a cheque via registered mail.

She warned taxpayers to be cautious and not to fall prey to imposters or members of call centre scam who usually approach them by phone.

Anyone who has doubts or who wants to make an enquiry about his/her tax refund can call hotline 1161 or contact any branch office of the department, said the spokesperson.