Taxi fare to go up 8-13% in December

Transport Minister ACM Prajin Juntong said taxi fares will be increased by 8-13%, starting December.

The rise will come in two phases. From December to May, the hikes will be limited to 8%. After the period ends, service quality will be evaluated, he said.

If the results are satisfactory, the ministry will allow for increases to a maximum of 13%, he said.

But the minister said the starting fare of the first kilometre, however, will be capped at the same rate of 35 baht as it has been for more than 20 years.

A 50 satang increase from previous 1.50 baht to two baht will apply to each subsequent kilometre and when the car stops.

The distance to be calculated will also be reduced to every 10 kilometres from 12 kilometres , thus resulting in lower fares for shorter distances.

At present, taxi fares are 35 baht for 0-1km, five baht each for the first to 12th kilometres, 5.50 baht each for the 12th to 20th kilometres, six baht each for the 20th to 40th kilometres, 6.50 baht for the 40th to 60th kilometres, 7.50 baht each for the 60th to 80th kilometres, and 8.50 baht each for the 80th kilometre or higher.